Chapter 273 of My Hero Academia he focused a lot on the figure of Shigaraki and on his awakening, and though he showed the first actions carried out by the new bearer of the All for One, has also given us a chance to note a few things about Class 1-A heroes as they were preparing to rescue the innocent from the destructive wave.

Exactly today we wrote an article about it aspiring heroes of Class 1-A and how they proved themselves, from the beginning of the manga to now, really super talentedespecially some of them. We have seen their evolution and, therefore, we asked ourselves the question: do they really still have something to learn from Yuei High School, or not?

Even in the last two chapters of the manga, the feeling was the same. In the previous one, we witnessed a new Deku power up that led him to unlock forty-five percent of the power of the One for All, while in 273, as we mentioned at the beginning of the article, we saw not only the kids react promptly to the wave of destruction unleashed by Shigaraki, but we also got to see one of the most promising students in the class, Todoroki, use a new ice technique that has been able to stop the uniqueness of Tomura.

The move used is called "Heaven Piercing Ice Wall" is to create an ice wall with which Todoroki saved his companions and innocent people who were nearby.

What do you think of the skills of these young aspiring heroes still in the first year of high school? Feel free to write it below.

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