The Attack of the Giants: the trailer shows a new Giant with an unusual appearance

The wait for the fourth and final season of The attack of the Giants it is getting more and more oppressive, especially since, in these days, the whole world has been able to set its eyes on the first trailer of the season that will close the story of Eren and his companions started many years ago by the master Isayama.

If you have seen the first images presented like us during the launch videothen you will have noticed, as the whole world has noticed, not only scenes worthy of a final season which made the hype skyrocket, but also the presence of a new type of Giant, a completely different one from those seen so far. It showed up while he holds a huge stick with which it destroys a building, but what differentiates it from the other nine is certainly that metallic armor species covering his whole body.

Actually manga readers know who he is that Giant and also as never before, in the trailer we can glimpse, he fights ferociously against Eren. Well, don't read on if you don't want spoilers, but what you see is one of nine Titans from Ymir. As well as the Giant Hammer, capable of hardening the whole body and creating weapons, including the hammer from which it takes its name, which it uses with skill in battle.

We don't want to tell you how the clash will end Eren and the Giant Hammer nor why the two fight, however we want to warn you that this final season, if it proceeds as it should proceed, will be something really special and unique.

So we wake you up as you prepare for this final season of The Attack of the Giants.

Did you already know the Giant Hammer? What do you think of this first trailer of the fourth season?

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