Baki-Son of Ogre confirmed a new season on Netflix

Baki's anime adaptation continues to be very successful, manga written by master Keisuke Itagaki in 1991 and which has three seasons on Netflix to date. The TV series that makes martial arts its strong point is set to expand its list of episodes thanks to a new season.

Although it's been years since Grappler Baki appeared in Weekly Shonen Champion, the Adventure of the warrior continue to generate huge hype among fans of the series. Baki's return on Netflix is ​​safe now, and to confirm it's the new one Key visual sent by the streaming platform it is being broadcast on. Baki-Son of Ogre will again focus on the crazy battles of Yujiro Hanma's son, who this time will bring the war to the front door.

Last season left a martial arts tournament where the strongest fighters from China and Japan competed against each other, and now the fans are ready the expected "climax" that the anime has to achieve with it fourth and possibly last season. According to the first rumors actually floating around, Baki Hanma's adventures on Netflix will end after this last season. As for the release dateNetflix hasn't unbuttoned this yet, so we'll have to wait for new updates.

For those first approaching this anime, we remind you of our review of Baki.

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