The 2022 Dragon Ball Super movie was negligently announced by Toei Animation, with a leak that led to early insights into the existence of the new product. Various theories and hypotheses were formulated about what would be told, but with the The official Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero news has gotten clearer.

Besides the animation technique that focuses on 3DCG, we also got to know each other some small details about the story of Dragon Ball Super: Super Herowho will see two new enemies and a time jump. Yes, because the picture of Pan made it clear that he will spend a few years in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero, which brings us more or less to the time of the last Tenkaichi tournament at the end of Dragon Ball Z.

Will it be shortly before or shortly after? We don't know, but we will finally get to see Goten and Trunks as teenagers and almost young adults. Now that they are no longer children, they could take part in the battles again and again Bring Gotenks back, one of the strongest characters in the world of the seven spheres. But what would it look like now?

Fan Angel wanted to propose his version to the fans, with Gotenk's adult seen in the tweet below, always with his usual arrogant facial expression. Would you like to see him again in Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero?

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