Each member of the Mugiwara has their own way of fighting based on a particular art, power, or devil fruit. Whoever owns the latter obviously stands out from the others, as happens, for example, with the protagonist of ONE PIECE with the properties of Devil’s Fruit Gom Gom.

In the crew who will find the One Piece treasure Nico Robin also owns a devil fruit, Fior Fior which we have seen in action several times during the various sagas. Originally, the archaeologist could only conjure up human-sized limbs in limited numbers, but after the leap in time she began to develop her skills. In fact, we’ve also seen her take advantage of huge limb attacks that have now reached a new level.

To bring down the terrifying Black Maria by Tobi Roppo, Nico Robin used the Giant Fleur, a new attack technique that recreates the archaeologist, but in a giant version. So no longer just a limb that is immediately launched to attack, but a new body that is used for attack and defense. The characteristics of the Giant Fleur were deepened in ONE PIECE 1021, where its peculiarities were shown, including a classic attack cannon that we have already used by Nico Robin, but also a weakness in defense: the Giant Fleur actually absorbs the damage taken and fits they become the main part of Nico Robin.

ON hence a technique that has several weaknesses and which on some occasions, or in any case, can be exploited with caution.

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