Pokémon Exploration: Cinderace takes the field in the final episode

As expected from the opening for the second part of the anime Pokémon evolutions Ash and Goh would face the terrifying phenomenon of Dark Night and the infinite Dynamax form of Eternatus, with the final evolutions of Riolu and Raboot, Lucario and Cinderace debuting in the final episode.

Directed by their curiosity and tasked with conducting research in the Galar area, Ash and Goh had to grapple with very dangerous plans put forward by the President Rose to recreate the phenomenon called Dark Night on the return of the Pokémon Eternatus in its Infinite Dynamax form. The two coaches tried in every way to stop Rose's dangerous intentions, sending out their strongest teammates, Riolu for Ash and Raboot for Goh.

Engaged in intense fighting, to say the least: Ash confronted Rose directly while Goh took care of Secretary Olive. The two found themselves against quite powerful opponents and were able to prevail thanks to the bond with their respective Pokémon, which led to the latter evolving. As you can see in the video below, Raboot grows and changes with an exciting sequence gives Olive's Milotic the final blowagainst which he initially seemed to be at a disadvantage.

Later Ash and Goh will face off against Eternatus, who works with Zacian and Zamazenta and finally closes it The narrative arc is dedicated to the events of the Spada and Scudo video games. We also remember that the protagonists captured a legend, and we'll let you find out when Mewtwo will make its debut in the anime.

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