There was a moment in the story of Berserk where everything has degenerated in the worst possible way, an event that sparked a series of reactions that led to the present. Griphis' defeat by Gatsu and his decision to leave the Hawk Squad deeply angered the brilliant leader.

Before joining the hand of God, Griphis was certainly another man more attached to his companions, though he was still ambitious. There Gatsu's decision Leaving the Hawk Army after hearing the friendship dialogue between his great friend and Charlotte had a devastating effect on the commander's psyche. His night of love with the king's daughter cost him much, a year of the worst torture conceivable from Sensei Kentaro Miura.

During all those days in Griphis, the tendons of all 4 limbs were cut, his tongue was severed, and his whole chest was worn out. A terrible punishment that prevented the talented leader from even wielding a sword. A fan, a certain one Oscar The Traptried to reconstruct a model of Griphis' battered face using computer graphics, which is also available at the end of the news. Fans greatly appreciated the reproduction of details with an extremely annoying smell.

And you, instead, what do you think of this CG model, do you like it? Please let us know with a comment below as usual, but not before you've discovered Gatsu's age.

Update time! Here's Tortured Griffith again after taking your advice. I chose the other side as there is a huge amount of detail there. Is there anything else that needs to be changed? by r / Berserk

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