Naruto is one of the many works in the Japanese comic field that has helped bring traditional elements of Japanese culture into the popular imagination. In addition to references to mythology, food and drink from Japan also received a place in the series and has been the basis for several collaborations over the years.

Among the many foods Naruto and his companions consume throughout the series is this sakethe famous alcoholic drink, mainly combined with the character of Jiraiyaone of the three Sannin of the Leaf Village, as well as a fundamental mentor in the protagonist’s path.

One of the most recent collaborations with the Naruto franchise was started by famous company Yahiko Shuzo, connected to the Yahiko Shrine, located at the foot of the mountain of the same name. To mark the production of limited edition bottles, mangaka Masashi Kishimoto, who returned to work on the sequel to the series, Boruto, was asked to create the beautiful illustration you can see below.

Naruto, as depicted in the first part of the series, is holding up a large bottle of sake and you can see straight behind him Jiraiya with a happy grin, ready to drink all that alcohol. Tell us what you think in the comments section. To finish, we leave you with a spectacular and provocative Tsunade cosplay.

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