Dragon Ball Z: why go to Freeza’s side?  Captain Ginyu explains

Have you ever wondered why Freeza has such an impressive army? It's never easy to explain why certain characters are out Dragon Ball Z You decide to join the evil front, but in the case of Captain Ginyu, the answer seems especially funny. Here's a fun dialogue between him and a new cadet.

Dragon Ball: Xenoverse left no mark on the franchise's video game saga, but did the adventure of Dimps however has released some pleasant curiosities related to the masterpiece of Akira Toriyama. One user, indeed, one particular Insect_705has found a particularly interesting dialogue with Captain Ginyu, responding to the benefits Freeza grants members of his army.

As you can see on the screen below on the news, the insect avatar reached Ginew in his PR department, where the captain replied with the following message:

""The Ginyu team also receives maternity and child care allowances. Please be sure to let us know when you will have a baby.""

An answer that is certainly funny, but justifies why certain characters prefer to hold onto evil in the face of a safe and well-paid salary. As for you, what do you think of this anecdote instead? Let us know with a comment below, but not before you have analyzed with us what the best Freeza transformation is.

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