As the custom shoe market is growing all the time, these are fantastic Air Jordan 1 Mid x Dragon Ball could be every franchise enthusiast's dream. Would you have liked to find her under the Christmas tree? Kid Buu and Black Goku are ready to attack you.

Thanks to the extraordinary work of JAR Custom, two of the most popular antagonists of the Akira Toriyama Franchise are ready to bow at your feet. Let's talk about Black Goku Super Saiyan Rose and Kid Buu, two enemies who share the same color spirit besides the evil essence.

On Air Jordan 1 Mid Right, we can see the illustration of Kid Buu's evil red eye. Instead of the classic Jordan logo, we can see that the legendary American basketball player has been replaced by the Dragon Ball Z antagonist.

The left shoe, on the other hand, is dedicated to the Black Goku Super Saiyan Rose. In addition to the drawing of his merciless eye, the Dragon Ball super antagonist is also shown in Logo placed over the pink laces. What do you think of these shoes, would you buy them? Will Nike or any other brand ever bring such products to market? Black Goku Super Saiyan Rose is back on the attack again in this Dragon Ball Super figure. According to Shueisha's web domain, Broly is returning to Dragon Ball Super.

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