The epic of Naruto is undoubtedly one of the most famous works of the rich anime and manga industry, a franchise that over the course of these long years has seen the arrival of countless productions designed to keep millions and millions of readers and spectators engaged scattered in every corner of the world.

Indeed, it is impossible not to notice how the Naruto fanbase is practically endless, countless fans always ready to pay homage to their favorite work with cosplay and fan-art made with great attention. This explains why various companies continue to launch themselves into the creation of themed products, with the guys from Box Studio proposing themselves as the latest arrivals, ready to surprise the public.

This time, the company has decided to present fans with a splendid one Naruto-themed statue specifically dedicated to Sasuke Uchiha. The product, as can be seen in the images at the bottom of the news, sees our Sasuke ready to launch a devastating attack and is characterized by a great deal of detail. Furthermore, through some LEDs it is possible to make everything shine, with a result that in purely visual terms leaves you speechless. The size of the statue stands at 52x45x53cm, all flanked by a price unfortunately for a few, or 760 dollars. According to what was announced, the product is already available for pre-orders and will be released in late 2020.

Before saying goodbye, we remind you that a magnificent Naruto-themed statue dedicated to Kakashi and two meters high was recently unveiled.

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