Suicide command, sensational: In Volume 9, an important team member loses his life!

In November 2019, DC Comics announced a reboot of the Suicide Squad that includes a new character design and an entirely new story. Realized by Tom Taylor is Bruno RedondoThe new comic certainly doesn't lack ambition, and the latest edition released today has literally literally left the fans speechless.

The protagonist of the new edition was Floyd Lawton, aka Killshotwho joined the other members of Task Force X on a new mission to stop once and for all the man who ruined his life: Ted Kord.

The attack on the Kord Tower is stopped by Superman, who in a few moments defeats all members of the suicide squad and forces them to retreat. Deadshot falls back and confronts Supermanand says he's worried about the world his daughter will have to live in when he's gone.

During the conversation, a bullet pierces Floyd's chest, who realizes that the superhero is a reality Black mask. After getting rid of his disguise, the antagonist says goodbye to his colleague one last time: "You were right, Floyd. Everything you've done is finally failing"and then kills him with a blow to the head, breaks a window and drops him from the skyscraper. There is no longer any doubt: Deadshot has been officially eliminated.

Tom Taylor had said his comic was going to be bloody and that everyone on the team would be in real danger all the time. In the coming months we will find out who will replace the infallible sniper.

What do you think about it? Let us know with a comment! In case you are a villain lover, we remind you that on November 10th, Punchline will receive a one-shot of drawings curated by Italian Mirka Andolfo.

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