Wano isn't just about pirates and samurai. It's been around for a while found the presence of CP0, the secret government organization that had some relationships with Orochi and Kaido. However, the current situation of ONE PIECE has changed radically and it could lead to a long war at the gates with the CP0 and the world government.

Initially, the three members present in Onigashima were just bystanders, waiting to see the outcome of this war between Kaido's faction and that of Momonosuke and Luffy. ONE PIECE 1028, however, represented a completely different situation and that it will force Wano to take a very different direction than originally intended. In fact, Rob Lucci's orders were to take possession of the island in case Kaido fell, and because of that, the world government is already at work.

Considering that Luffy and the others are already grappling with Kaido and Big Mom, the two emperors who consume a lot of energy, it is almost impossible for the pirates to get out of such a close and strong second war unscathed by opponents. It is therefore possible that we will see an intervention in the next chapters of ONE PIECE. but who could intervene in favor of Luffy and his companions?

There are two hypotheses in particular: the first is the Straw Hat Alliance, so far remained in the shadows and could therefore appear shortly to thwart the world government. However, there does not appear to have been any special contact between Luffy and the various commanders. The second hypothesis is therefore more plausible, with this he sees the intervention of the revolutionary army of Monkey D. Dragon.

The head of the criminal organization is the sworn enemy of the world government and his intervention could therefore lead to the opening of a new feud with them. Also, given recent events, it is also possible that Dragon would seek revenge on the world government by foiling their plans to get their hands on Onigashima. Such a presence could also lead to the first real meeting between Luffy and his fatherwhich changes the plot at the end of the Wano saga greatly.

However, the option remains in which there is no intervention and the Mugiwara must face it alone and repel the siege of the world government. What do you think will happen in the future of ONE PIECE?

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