The Wano saga was suggested as the groundbreaking story arc for the anime by ONE PIECE, not only from a narrative point of view with the introduction of new powers and the conflict with the two emperors, but also and above all from a technical point of view, where the television series has modernized in the visual field.

Since 2019, director Nagamine has directed the anime from ONE PIECE by playing his Time schedule and management of the plants together with partially renewed staff. Thanks to a more profitable and optimized calendar, the TV series, despite being a weekly project, has made an incredible leap in quality with the Wano Saga, with a significantly more compelling and modern technical area.

In fact, the anime was revived with a softer and more detailed stroke, but mostly thanks to the use of a lighter and more noticeable color palette. An animator recently stated the reasons for this TOEI animation These changes, both directionally and visually, can be in the will of. be closely followed Eiichiro Oda, the author of the manga, and by Shueisha, the publisher that wanted to give the Wano saga a new atmosphere and a much more modern style.

Apparently achieved goals, since the ONE PIECE Anime has been visually astonishing every week with its much smoother and more pleasant animations. Instead, what do you think of these changes, two years later you found these differences? Let us know with a comment below.

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