Waiting for the anime of the sixth part of Jojo's bizarre adventure has finally paid off with the spectacular trailer dedicated to the story of Jolyne Kujo. David Production, the animation studio that has been working on the adaptation of the work since 2012, has also unveiled the series' official synopsis.

"Florida, USA, 2011. Jolyne Kujo is found guilty and sentenced to 15 years in prison after being involved in a car accident with her boyfriend. It ends up in jail on Green Dolphin Street, also known as The Aquarium. This is the story of nineteen-year-old Jolyne Kujo, the daughter of Jotaro, known from Stardust Crusaders.

Left alone and finding herself in uncomfortable situations in prison, the protagonist activates her status "Annoy, Jolyne takes the pendant that her father gave herand when she holds it in her hands a strange force seems to awaken in her."

"There are worse fates than death and the people in this prison stand before them." These words that a little boy spoke to Jolyne immediately restore the absurdity of the world that characterizes Araki's work. The official recap ends with an anticipation of Jolyne's involvement in the dispute that has preoccupied her family for years: β€œInexplicable events follow one another. When her father Jotaro visits her, he reveals a terrible truth to her. talk to her about a man named God. Will Jolyne be able to regain her freedom by getting out of prison compared to an ocean of stone? While in the ancient battle between God and the joestars is preparing for the climax. "

In conclusion, let's remember this the series will be released on Netflix in December 2021, and we leave you with a unique anecdote of an editor's request during Stone Ocean's embryonic phase.

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