With each saga, Eiichiro Oda introduces more and more characters into ONE PIECE. Now the manga, which has lasted over twenty years, has a multitude of people ready to leave their mark on this pirate world. And of course the current saga, Wanokuni, has introduced a fair share of characters as well. Among them is Yamato.

Although Yamato has appeared in very few chapters, as its debut only dates back to the third phase and the arrival in Onigashima, it has already captured the fans of ONE PIECE and seems to want to play an important role in the rest of the manga. But Who really is Yamato?

The girl is the daughter of Kaido of the Hundred Beasts, while her mother's identity is not yet known. Born in Wanokuni, she was never able to see the outside world due to her father's compulsions. As a young man he finds himself ad Witnesses the execution of Kozuki Oden and she was fascinated by it and after finding the diary of the legitimate shogun in which she told her full story, she becomes even more eager to escape. In this way he will slip into the role of Oden Kozuki as if he were his reincarnation.

however Kaido asks her to be handcuffed with some bombs that go off when the girl tries to escape the island. During these years, she will also receive the devil fruit that she possesses, which has not yet been fully shown, and will continue to develop her physical strength. He will always be a major headache for the Pirates of the Hundred Beasts, but he will also defend the island from attack by pirates like Ace, with whom he will however become deeply friends.

With Luffy's arrival in Onigashima, Yamato sees his chance to leave. Recalling the words of Ace and beyond, Yamato wants to become Mugiwara and eventually break ties with her father.

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