A few hours ago the official Netflix channel released a new trailer with three different audio tracks B: The beginning succession, the second season of the series, which debuts on the platform on March 18. In addition to confirming the return of the season one speakers, a key visual was also shared.

The anime will be available worldwide, and Netflix's official description of the second season, released a few months after the first, reads: "After Keith and Koku successfully resolved the case, the world seems to be back to normal. A few months later Keith returns to RIS to conduct several investigationsand Koku lives a quiet life with Yuna. However, the two receive a visit from Kirisame, who was believed dead after the attack on the Jaula Blanca Institute ... "

As in the first season, B: The Beginning, Kazuto Nakazawa and Production IG appear as the original creators While Itsuro Kawasaki was responsible for the direction, Nakazawa was himself a director, composer alongside Katunari Ishida, and character designer for Akane Yano and Hideoki Kusama. To compose the final theme, Be Down was created by ACCAMER.

Until season two arrives, we'll let you look back at B: The Beginning.

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