There has been much discussion about Dabi's origins, who this mysterious member of the Villains League was and what he was hiding. There My Hero Academia war The recent ending has exposed the truth about the fiery villain and has left various characters in despair.

However, all of this inevitably has to be handled by the family that created this individual. The Todoroki have joined the hospital room Endeavor is in and started a discussion of their history and past events. After looking back in My Hero Academia 301, Kohei Horikoshi doubles and continues the revelation about the past.

THE first spoilers of My Hero Academia 302 confirm that there will be another in-depth study of the Todoroki family. After the young Touya tried to attack Shoto out of jealousy, he realizes that he was wrong. But his gaze grows desperate as Shoto grows up and is trained by his father while he is being pushed aside. His siblings Natsuo and Fuyumi don't understand this and as soon as Touya turns 13, he succeeds in unlocking the blue flames of his peculiarity and creating a multitude of flames that envelop everything.

As Enji and Rei remember these events, Shoto holds out his hand to his crying father in the presence. In the finale, the Endeavor family urges the Endeavor to move on while Hawks and Best Jeanist stand behind the door to hear the conversation. My Hero Academia 302 is published on MangaPlus Sunday February 21, 2021.

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