After a long time considered quite boring by the community, she returned to customize the paper mate's events the anime of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations once again managed to pull in the spotlight. And the next narrative arc could definitely dedicate the cartoon series.

The latest episodes of Boruto got viewers to fill up Knowledge of the Kara organization, their internal and external hierarchy, their level and their main prey, the recipient. The latter was the protagonist of one of the best fights ever staged by Studio Pierrot, who did his best in this latest narrative arc with phenomenal animation.

The next story arc continues along this path and brings the battle between the Kara organization and the Blattdorf to life. As suggested by Twitter user Brouto4Life, the new saga will indeed be complete focused on the criminal groupLeave fillers aside.

Titled "Kawaki Arc: Kara Clash"The next story arc will bring Kawaki to the Konoha side and clash with Jigen and the other Kara Interiors. In the next few episodes, viewers will therefore learn the truth about Kashin Koji, Amado's scientific instruments, and the ultimate goal of Jigen, who is desperately looking for his recipient.

Did the last episodes actually meet your expectations? And what do you expect from this new saga? The last episode of Boruto showed a different side to the young Kawaki. The seventh Hokage and the secret that revolves around Kashin Koji in this clip from Boruto.

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