The promise of Denji's return to high school in the second part of the manga chainsaw man turned out to be full of surprises and twists. In addition to a long bracket focused on Asa Mitaka and the Devil of War, the mangaka has decided to introduce other characters and characters that are among the most powerful in the series in a relatively short space of time.

By chapter 108, the theory had already trickled out among readers that one of the girls Asa met was actually the third horseman of the apocalypse. After discovering the truth about Makima's extraordinary powers and the appearance of the war devil as a spark that sparked the story's continuation in Chapter 113 This mysterious girl has revealed her identityas you can also see from the images shown in the post below.

As Denji briefly moves away from the aquarium where she went with Asa, the protagonist approaches famine, older sister of Guerra and interested in making Denji a weapon for Asa as soon as possible. The new horseman of the apocalypse springs into action immediately, claiming not to let them out until War Devil achieves his intent. It therefore seems likely that this is also the case Denji will soon face Famine and given the protagonist's boldness, he might even consider attacking her directly.

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