Pokémon Scarlet and Pokémon Violet have been available on Nintendo Switch for a few weeks, dividing fans of the historic Game Freak brand. But now let's also find out when the The ninth generation of Pokémon is coming to kiosks.

Pokemon EX are coming

As widely predicted by November's Pokémon TCG leak, the first expansion of the ninth generation in Japan are called Pokémon Scarlet and Violet EX and are divided into two sub-expansions, namely Scarlet EX (SV1S) and Violet EX (SV1V). As PokéGuardian explains, in practice i two sets will be separateand everyone will have their own card list composed of cards that are absolutely exclusive and not included in the packs of the other expansion.

Violet EX and Scarlet EX on the other hand will introduce EX mechanics, which gives the extensions their name. Pokémon EX will be both base, tier 1 and tier 2 specimens with increased HP numerically comparable to Pokémon VMAX and stronger effects than regular cards. At the moment, The Pokémon Company has revealed three EX cards in upcoming setsnamely Miraidon EX, Koraidon EX and Arcanine Tera-Crystallized EX. However, it's unclear whether Pokémon EX (other than Legendaries) will all be Tera-crystallized or not.

At the same time, the maps of Growlithe, Pawmi, Smoliv, and Lechonk, along with those of Professors Olim and Turum. More cards will be revealed in the coming days. Each of the two sets contains 78 common and rare cards, as well as an unknown number of Super Rare or even higher rarity cards. in japan, Each pack contains five cards and costs about two euros.

The sets of Sprigatito, Quaxly and Fuecoco

In addition to the first TCG expansion of 2023, which is set to be followed by two more Pokémon sets arriving in April, The Pokémon Company also has something to offer Pokemon Scarlet and Violet Starter Sets Revealed, which will be dedicated respectively to Sprigatito & Lucario EX, Fuecoco & Ampharos EX, and finally to Quaxly and Mimikyu EX. You can see all the images of the sets in the gallery at the bottom of this message. In addition to the above promo cards, each set also consists of a deck of 60 cardswhich is the ideal entry point into the Pokémon TCG for newcomers.

Another special set will be this Premium Trainer Box Ex by Scarlet and Violet, which includes the two legendary Miraidon and Koraidon as cover Pokémon. Each premium set includes 10 Pokémon Scarlet EX and 10 Pokémon Violet EX expansion packs, 196 trading cards including numerous Energy cards, various Trainer cards, and a total of 7 Pokémon, and everything you need to compete in the game's local competitions.

Finally, when you buy at least 10 packs of the same set in Japan (or equivalent) you will get. one promo card of your choice out of a total of 8: At the moment the only promo shown is that of Cyclizar EX. Obviously, the cards included in the promo set are not present in the normals booster the extension.

And in Europe?

Obviously, all of these products only confirmed for the Japanese market: In the westbound passage, many sets are actually merged between them and theirs card list be changed, while some promo products may never end up on the old continent. In fact, the Pokémon TCG website explains that in Europe Only the Scarlet and Violet expansions will appear, which will likely join the two "twin" sets arriving in Japan in January. Among the cards revealed for the set are those of Quaxly, Sprigatito, and Fuecoco, which appeared in the Rising Sun expansion starter sets.

Another piece of news that will make fans happy is that of a series of Map design changes: Say goodbye to the yellow outline, which will be replaced by a gray one, while in the case of the trainer cards, the subcategory will be moved so that it is in the upper right corner. Instead, the energy map icon now appears in the bottom right: In all cases, these are a series of changes aimed at making the maps more readable. We also note that for the EX monsters, the The bottom of the card is semi-transparentwith a look really not bad.

Unfortunately, the news is not all good: After a price increase for the Pokémon trading card game, initially limited to just a few markets, The Pokémon Company announced an increase in the MSRP of its products also in Europe. In this regard, the TPCi website states that “Due to global inflation affecting material and manufacturing costs, Pokémon TCG products will become one with the release of the Scarlet and Violet series global increase in some EIAs. To continue to ensure a positive Pokémon TCG experience and value, each booster pack also includes three guaranteed Premium cards - all cards rated Rare or higher are now Premium cards. In addition, some products contain additional items.

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