Completed in March 2022 following the release of the 232nd chapter on Weekly Shonen Jump, the series of dr Stone by Riichiro Inagaki and Boichi, has proved to be a welcome surprise over the past few years, and although it's been wrapped up for a few months now, interest in the anime seems to continue to boost sales of the manga.

There are few shonen today where you can find such a successful combination of breathtaking combat and action scenes that fit perfectly into the canons and style cues of the category, and the centrality of an element like science in all situations. Exactly this combination, which is as extravagant as it is interesting, was the strength of the series, which had 13 million copies worldwide in May 2022 and has now reached the figure of 15 million copies in circulation Adding the data to the 26 volumes.

A goal that, given the publication of Dr. Stone New World is scheduled to grow in April 2023. third season of the anime produced by TMS Entertainmentand also the arrival of the latest volumes in countries outside of Japan.

And what do you think of this excellent result that Dr. Stone scored? Do you agree with the success of Inagaki and Boichi's manga? As usual, please let us know in the comments section. Finally, we would like to remind you that a fan named Walter and Jesse from Breaking Bad in Dr. Stone characters and we leave you with our in-depth analysis that Dr. Stone is dedicated.

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