The series of grueling and intense battles between heroes and villains has resulted in casualties on both sides. In the last episodes of My hero academy The antagonists appear to have the upper hand thanks to destruction at the hands of Gigantomachy, but Daby has a secret weapon in store that could destroy the Hero Society's reputation.

there Dabi dance which gives the title to the eleventh episode of the sixth season was probably one of the most anticipated moments of the manga readers and a big surprise for the viewers who only follow the anime. Dabi is actually Toya, the eldest son of Enji and Rei Todoroki, meaning Endeavor and his wife. Left for dead after an accident, Toya was rescued by All For One and fueled hatred for his father and his forced teachings. He turned into the villain he is today.

To celebrate the psychedelic dance staged by the villain, one of the most talked about in the Horikoshi series, the animation studio Bones posted the special picture at the bottom of the page. A disturbing smile paints Dabi's face, his eyes obscured by the messy features used to depict the hair, but there are details regarding the burned skin caused by his blue flames. And how did you react to that? terrible truth about Dabi's past and about his identity? Let's talk about it in the comments.

Finally, we leave you with the trailer for Episode 6x12 of My Hero Academia and with an analysis of Tomura Shigaraki's current level of performance.

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