The Secret of the Devil Fruit by ONE PIECE it has not been fixed yet. The anime and manga approaching the final arc have not yet sufficiently explained the origin of these fruits and their powers, so at least for now, fans can only continue to speculate and enjoy their uses.

Of course, every devil fruit has its own quirks, and there are some really quirky ones. Rogias control nature while zoos manage to transform their user into an animal. Obviously the most bizarre devil fruits are the Paramisha, among the very simple ones that allow the change in weight to others that instead have more specific and complex effects, like a specific Horo Horo fruit that can change the mood of the enemy.

and the owner of this fruit is Perona, one of the enemies Luffy and his companions face in ONE PIECE. This pink haired girl is a fan of ghosts and things horror related and it's no coincidence that she follows Gecko Moria, the pirate of the fleet of seven who lives in a huge ship with zombies. Perona can exploit his spirits from the power of Horo Horo to make his enemies more pessimistic and therefore easier to manipulate and hit.

This Perona Cosplay by ONE PIECE can do the same. In the image posted by Linicchii on Reddit, you can see the cosplayer smiling and with ghosts. Wearing the same dress she used for her first appearance in the manga and anime, she is ready to spread depression and suspicion in reality as well.

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