During the new narrative sheet Boruto and his companions will have to deal with the threat posed by the Kara organization. In this context, the Twitter user Abdul_S17 shared the last details about the next episode of the series.

Episode 159 is titled "Search and Rescue".At the start of a mission that is not exactly peaceful for Team 7, the summary says:

"Boruto and the rest of the team are finally finding the missing researcher. Despite his perseverance, the team is determined to get him back to his client safely."

In previous episodes, Boruto and his companions became aware of the real threat founded by Kara while Sasuke and Sai are still involved in their investigative mission for the criminal group. Team 7 is currently busy capturing the mysterious researcher, who appears to have invaluable knowledge of the organization, as stated in the summary above

It is likely that before you go to the heart of the saga, The anime will focus part of its narrative on the original content, not present in the manga. One example is the character of Deepa, an unedited member of the Kara organization, created specifically for the cartoon series.

Will Boruto's anime soon reveal the sad truth about Koji's character? Episode 159 of the Boruto animated series is shown in a rich trailer.

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