The football epic of Captain Tsubasa: Holly & Benji is one of the most popular sports titles in Japanese culture. Sensei Yoichi Takahashi also dealt with sensitive topics in his masterpiece, some of which were nevertheless misunderstood by part of the audience.

The anime actually landed in Eye of the Storm in Chile due to episode 33 in the Julian Ross, impressive Mambo striker, Slapping manager Amy Aoba for disclosing his heart problems to the protagonist Tsubasa (Oliver Hutton). According to the allegations, this scene would show one Glorification of violence against women, an unforgivable gesture that even cost the TV station a complaint.

In any event, the Santiago appeals court still ruled that the episode in question did not in any way lead to violence against women, saving the Chilean broadcaster from paying a $ 7,000 fine. According to the court, the scene must actually take the context into account and explain the decision with the following comment:

"U.None of the protagonists have a heart problem they want to keep a secret, and a girl he thinks is a friend reveals it to her rival. So he beats the girl in less than a minute in a fraction of the time, thinking she had no right to tell the story, his secret, as if it had robbed his rival of the desire for competition; He showed the girl his desire not to see her again, to intervene in the matter.""

Instead, what do you think of this controversy? Let us know what you think about this with a comment below. Before saying goodbye, we would like to remind you to check out the ending of the Captain Tsubasa anime and this statuette dedicated to the dragon shot.

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