in the Dragon Ball Super Goku actually appears to have grown up following the latest events in history, or more precisely, it seems that the iconic protagonist has gained more confidence than the prequel. And that shows in the relationship with his real name Kakarotto.

We know the name "Kakarotto"is nothing but a play on words that means"carrot", probably a clear reference to the color of Goku's suit. Akira ToriyamaIn fact, he was often inspired by plants to come up with a name for his characters, a bizarre but decidedly functional choice.

However, compared to the Saiyan saga, Goku has changed a lot in the relationship to its original name. At first he actually tried one too some reluctance to just feel like a member of the Saiyan raceThe same one who attacked his planet and endangered the lives of his son and friends. Over time, as he approached Vegeta and gained more and more confidence as the fights progressed, his mentality has gradually adapted to the reality of the facts: Goku is a Saiyan who grew up on Earth, but despite his origins, he is it is still a true one and only terrestrial. And so after the initial contempt for the name "Kakarotto" he learned to accept it tacitly when Vegeta addressed him by that name. The climax of this relationship touched him Dragon Ball Super: Broly When he introduced himself to Broly and his friends at the end of the fight, he used both names for the first time and finally recognized himself in the identity of his past.

As for you, what do you think instead of the relationship between Goku and the name "Kakarotto"? Tell us yours as usual in the section devoted to comments.

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