Wano is safe. After 20 years of tyranny by Orochi and Kaido, the island has finally found peace. Luffy managed to defeat Kaido and marked the beginning of a new era not only for the samurai island but for the whole world as two emperors were killed. But the dangers don't end there ONE PIECE.

That Spoiler of ONE PIECE 1052 they herald the transition to a new era. In this chapter, titled New Dawn, the mini-adventure returns once again to the Germa 66 meeting Caesar Clown on Whole Cake Island.

Meanwhile, the actual chapter of Mary Geoise begins, where the Five Stars of Wisdom speak of the appearance of Nika, but above all of the defeat of two Emperors, news that cannot be silenced and that will soon spread around the world. . In the meantime Zunisha has disappeared while the world government ships are still nearby. The CP0 agent is given the task of at least catching Nico Robin, but suddenly a voice interrupts the transmission, forcing everyone to stay put.

Meanwhile, things are changing in Wano. Only seven days have passed and already there are changes in the schools and the drinking water supply. Izo and Ashura Douji are dead, while there is talk of building a temple for Oden Kozuki. Suddenly, Luffy and Zoro wake up from their coma, to everyone's delight. After a few comedy tosses and a trip to the bathroom, Kid and Law argue with their crews about not letting up.

Suddenly Apoo appears with Inbi telling him that the new sizes have arrived. As he lays the newspaper on the floor, Akainu has a conversation with Ryokugyu who is on his way to Wano. Is a new open war approaching ONE PIECE?


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