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Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 7: The Hedonistic Arachne

Glenn and Sapphee's affairs in Harpy Village are over. But they have been in the village for the last few days, giving the harpies additional supplies for their care. However, many cases of harpies covered with spider silk are gradually reaching the makeshift clinic. So they go to the forest to look for the cause. Meet Arahnia, Sapphee's friend, who explains that she set traps with her silk to catch the phoenix plumage harpy and get inspiration for new clothing styles.

Arahnia takes the opportunity and makes a little visit to Dr. Glenn to check her out as she has some complaints. However, they do not show any disease of concern. But Glenn decides to join her on her quest for inspiration, to see that she really has nothing.

Glenn eventually falls into Arahnia's trap and talks about him and his relationship with Sapphee while he was still tied up. But he is saved by Tisalia, who eventually joins their conversation while trying to have a relationship with Glenn in order to get married. The conversation ends with a discussion that Sapphee ends.

Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 7
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Relationships and feelings of the heroines

As you could see previous episodesThe heartbreaker Dr. Glenn has captured and conquered the hearts of several monster girls. Some are more open about their feelings, like Sapphee and, more recently, Illy. While the latter doesn't quite show romantic feelings, it's almost obvious that he's already developed her enough to mark her as a heroine.

However, there is one heroine who, while openly showing her goal of marrying Glenn, did not express romantic feelings for him. To be in a strange state of mystery around one's feelings. But thanks to Arahnia's appearance, they mentioned a little more of it. Something I thought about but didn't see as the main reason.

Tisalia has never fallen in love, certainly because of her family's mercenary inheritance, so she doesn't know what exactly love is. Still, I don't think she wants to marry Glenn just because he is a perfect candidate to take care of the Scythian family. I have a feeling that something else made her choose him, but even she doesn't know what it is.

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Arahnia, for her part, doesn't want anything serious with Glenn, she just wants to be with him for her dear friend Sapphee. Lovers share. Something that made me think Arahnia has some attraction for her friend Lamia, but I don't know if it's because of her personal taste or some kind of arachnid tradition. Well it could be the case.

The points that marked the plot of the most Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 7 was directly linked to Sapphee. Starting with her confession to Glenn. The admission shocked me at how surprising it was. I never thought he would say so in this particular situation, although there were other factors to consider, like the increase in rivals.

The other point concerns Glenn too, as there seems to be some kind of restriction where Sapphee mainly controls her impulses. The first thing that comes to mind is the opportunity to receive something more personal from the Litbeit family. That would explain why Sapphee knows about it and that Tisalia is trying to marry a human as if there is no prohibition on relationships between species (human with monster).

Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 7
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Arachne designer

Despite a small appearance, it was time Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 7, in which Arahnia Taranterra Arachnida was officially introduced. Sapphee's best friend. She is also the main designer of the large company "Tejidos Seda Suelta", known throughout the continent.

Aesthetically, I admit that I like the character. I like spiders, but I have their "respect / fear" of them. And so it is with Arachnes in fantasy stories in general. After all, in Monster Musume no Iru Nichijou My favorite heroine is Rachnera. However, I don't see Arahnia as my favorite heroine, let alone as a potential waifu. Even if I like his personality, voice and accent. I see her more as a "friend".

Arahnia has a lot of aspects that female characters usually have that I like, but for some reason I don't see her as my favorite. I even seemed to see that it had a certain touch Yuri her character, but she still doesn't even rank second in my favorite female characters Monster Musume no Oishasan.

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The seiyuu What gives Arahnia a voice is Yuu Shimamurawho has also done it in characters like: Haruka Haruno (Go! Princess Precure), Westia Chartreux (Kishuku Gakkou no Julia), Yukari Nejima (Koi after Uso), Tuareninya Veyron (Overlord), Yuuichirou Hyakuya (Owari no Seraph), Annie Leonardhart (Shingeki no Kyojin), among other.

By the way, one detail that drew my attention to Arahnia is her long name, which refers to the fact that she mentioned her last name. Something I associate with belonging to a respectable family among the Arachnes. Something like a nobleman. It's just a guess of mine and it might not be the case.

Positive points, negative points

I was hoping to stop talking about animation in Monster Musume no OishasanHowever, there were two moments in this episode that I found rather weird in the animation. They were already showing very large changes with little time difference between them.

The first is the negative with bad animation, Tisalia's rescue of Glenn. Although they were mostly in CGI I couldn't help but look extremely strange to Glenn right after he was rescued. Maybe it was the effect of being tied to the spider silk, but it seemed to me that Glenn was much smaller than normal. And not proportionally, but as if part of the doctor's stomach had disappeared. Well the length of the legs was normal as was the upper part that could be seen (shoulders, neck and head).

While the second moment, the positive one, was Sapphee's expression as she stopped the discussion between Tisalia and Arahnia. From this I confess I loved it because I saw an expression of sadness / suffering in her even though there were no tears. That expression made my throat lump.

While I mentioned earlier that in terms of character movement, the animation will keep that quality for the rest of the anime, I hope the facial expressions keep the quality they showed off as well.

Of course, I also want them to improve the appearance of simple expressions because although they do very well most of the time in scenes where they focus on a character's face when there are multiple characters on the screen and / or far away The scene expressions look very simple. Of course, this is not the case in all cases, for example at the beginning of Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 7 featured Sapphee's annoyed expression when Glenn got a lot of attention from the harpies. Sapphee's entire face was jealous.


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