In addition to the reactions from Pokemon Exploration fans to a development that appeared on the series, we're pointing out what Riolu fans think after airing the latest episodes of the show TV Tokyo schedule.

The Pokemon was the focus of the Challenge between Ash and FabiaGiven the power of his opponent's grapploct, Ash decides to call in Riolu, who is determined to take advantage of his operational capability. "reversal", powerful ability that allows you to send back the attack received from Riolu. His strategy doesn't seem to work and in the end Fabia has the upper hand. Even so, many fans of the series appreciated the fighting spirit of the Pokémon. who fought all the way." , in order to be successful let his coach win.

At the bottom of the news you will find a tweet that has part of the challenge between Ash and Fabia, which is entirely focused on the character of Riolu. So the journey of the protagonist continues, accompanied by his Pokémon and Gou, with the aim of defeating him Master of the League of Galar. If you're looking for other rumors, we bring you the next episodes of Pokemon: Explorations, which will air in September.

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