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Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 9: The Lich Dragon

Thanks to Glenn's quick intervention, the matter with Skadi could not go away at the ceremony. Glenn, however, wondered what was wrong with her and, along with Sapphee, visited his former mentor, Dr. Cthulhy. Who is Skadis GP? Therefore, Cthulhy can't talk about the situation in detail, but Glenn won't give up.

At the clinic, Glenn receives a visit from Kunai about his sutures. Glenn knows, however, that Kunai would ask for his help to at least check on Skadi. Keep it a secret from her as she is in no way opposed to drugs. That night, Glenn and Sapphee will check on Skadi, but only Glenn can come into their room. Left alone with Skadi while Kunai and Sapphee stay outside the room waiting for an emergency.

Skadi agrees to be examined by Glenn, but is certain that she does not want treatment. After the review and the next day, Glenn and Sapphee visit Cthulhy again. This time he sought his help for the Skadi operation. Glenn is responsible for everything necessary, such as getting Skadi himself approved to receive treatment and finding more staff for the operation. Cthulhy agrees to help as long as he gets everything he needs.

Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 9
© ・ 口 良 乃 ・ Z ト ン / 集 英 社 ・ リ ン ド ヴ ル ム ム 医師 会

A rare disease

As I imagined in the previous chapters about the various diseases in each monster. The severity of the diseases can change depending on the monster. Some more specific than others. For example, Diane's cold, which lasted for many years. This time in Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 9, it was Skadi’s turn, with a rather interesting illness and much more serious than any previously shown. Be a malignant tumor.

Although every case so far has had its crucial point in the plot and the development of the character. Like the swelling of Lulala's gills from not being in the water for too long to work, or Kunai's hatred of doctors after landing as a meat golem despite being human in the past.

Personally, however, I was most interested in Skadi's case. Mainly due to the fact that the malignant tumor acts like a second heart that puts a lot of pressure on the body due to changes in its blood flow. And of course how noticeable the tumor is.

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So I share Glenn's interest in the tumor with the difference of medical knowledge, but with the same unknown in the search for a scientific way to explain it. After all, I can't help but believe that Skadi's belief as to why this tumor formed is absurd. It may be a little (or rather) cruel, but in Glenn's position I couldn't help but ignore her or think she was crazy. Of course, thanks to his mention of the change in his dragon ancestors when he was on the ground for a long time, he could assume that these points of change in his body are connected due to the miasm with which he has been (directly or indirectly) in contact since left heaven.

By the way, if Cthulhy had known about Skadi's illness for a while, that would explain a bit why, in the previous episodeA scene appeared in which Skadi and Cthulhy were talking in the latter's office. As far as I can imagine, it wasn't an easy visit between friends considering they are both quite busy. Rather, it was a medical appointment that Skadi attended.

The squid woman

Cthulhy has been mentioned or had an apparition or two in most of the last few chapters, however small and brief they may be. Mainly referred to as "Squid Woman" by Sapphee. But it's up to Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 9, where you can really tell that the character has been officially introduced. I have to admit that I managed to like his personality more.

I already had a vague idea of ​​what her personality would look like with the few screen appearances from Cthulhy, but I confess that I see her a little more "openly" with her two students. I couldn't help but feel like I was getting along with her.

Of course, when I was kinder to Sapphee and Glenn, I saw the high appreciation he has for both of them. Not to mention the detail he had and will be interested in Glenn. Though I'm still not sure how she cares about him. I don't feel like I have any loving attachment or physical attraction to him, at least not as obviously as Sapphee. Rather, I have the feeling that he has a fascination for a "specimen" that shows more interest in other species than in his own.

To a certain extent, I feel like Cthulhy sees Glenn as her own son. A student who felt more affection than what they had in common. In fact, his look at Glenn, or his way of relating to something, from time to time made me feel like a mother acknowledging and supporting her son to grow up.

© ・ 口 良 乃 ・ Z ト ン / 集 英 社 ・ リ ン ド ヴ ル ム 医師 医師

I honestly don't see Cthulhy as a potential right now waifu no more heroine for me harem by Glenn. At least not for the time being. Although I accept that Glenn's moments and actions that help raise a love route flag were not lacking. For example, whoever decided to check on Skadi, not because of Kunai or Skadi themselves, but because she knew Cthulhy wanted to do it, but respected her old friend's choice for her medical ethics.

Glenn may have learned Cthulhy's knowledge and technique, but he did not inherit his ethics as a doctor from his mentor. So far we've seen Glenn end up in his own world when it comes to healing a monster, to the point where he doesn't even listen to the patient himself. In a way, I see this as "nice ignorance" and I imagine Cthulhy was aware of it. Something that Cthulhy hoped Glenn would present, saving Skadi and saving her at the same time.

© ・ 口 良 乃 ・ Z ト ン / 集 英 社 ・ リ ン ド ヴ ル ム ム 医師

At least that's how I perceived it Monster Musume no Oishasan - Chapter 9 on repeated examination. Focus more on the characters' behavior than other options. Interestingly, this made me reconsider whether I actually "saw" the chapters of Monster Musume no Oishasan exhibited so far or I've only "seen" them above.


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