We remember all the children who kicked the ball on suburban fields with special movements, who pierced the nets. Today the young Tsubasa Ozora has grown up and, despite his young age, has become a world-famous champion. Together with him all old teammates from Captain Tsubasa You have made great strides.

There are so many sequels and spin-offs for Captain Tsubasa, some of which are still going on like Rising Sun, the newest main story. But at the same time on the Shueisha Captain Tsubasa MagazineThe Captain Tsubasa Memories side story was also serialized and focused on some past events of the work's protagonists starting with the chapter "Captain Tsubasa Memories ~ Kore wa Nankatsu Shō versus Shūtetsu Shō Taikōsen Tōjitsu ni Okotta Hanashi ~" (This is the Nankatsu VS Shutetsu: the story of the day when the decisive battle took place).

We speak in the past tense why The Captain Tsubasa Memories side story has just been releasedThe last chapter is titled "Ōzora-ke no Hikkoshi" or "The Oozora Family Moving" and focuses precisely on Tsubasa's arrival in the neighborhood, which then began to make it famous with the first games in elementary school. It is currently not known whether these security chapters will later be collected in a Tankobon.

Recently, Takahashi also focused on paying tribute to Diego Armando Maradona.

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