That of Naruto it is undoubtedly one of the most important and well-known brands that the rich anime and manga industry has ever seen, an unforgettable epic that has been able to conquer millions of readers and spectators scattered in every corner of the world, first with paper production and subsequently through animated adaptation.

Although the franchise has been talking about itself for decades, there are many fans who continue to entertain themselves with the new productions related to the brand - very often praising it with cosplay and fanart made with great care - an incredible success that has consequently pushed countless external companies to create products designed to attract the attention of the most passionate collectors.

In particular, this time it was DP9 Studio that made people talk about themselves, all thanks to the presentation of a magnificent Naruto Shippuden-themed figure and specifically dedicated to our favorite ninja. As seen in the images at the bottom of the news, the work showcases Naruto ready to fight in the iconic battle that saw him face Sasuke in the Valley of the End. The product is also characterized by a great deal of detail and a price of 213 euros (not including shipping costs). According to the company, the figure is already available for pre-orders, although only 288 pieces will be available worldwide, while the release has been set for the fourth quarter of 2020.

Before saying goodbye, we also remind you that the Naruto manga is available for free and legally thanks to MangaPlus.

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