One of the fan community's most talked about and coveted ships is taking shape Chapter 69 of Boruto: Naruto the Next Generations. Just like in the old Team 7, a pair could also be born in the new formation.

Boruto 69 has arrived on MangaPlus to revive a new fight between Konoha and Kara. While Code and Eida secretly face off against Shikamaru, Amado, and Delta, Sarada is involved in one on the other side of Leaf Village Open heart chat with Mitsuki.

Team 7's two companions are very worried about Boruto, who has just been brought back to life after being killed by Kawaki. Both Mitsuki and Sarada confess this regret not participating in the fight and for not being able to help their friend. Both are still processing their feelings about it, but as Orochimaru's son's blood boils, young Uchiha lives the situation in regret. On the other side of the field, an important Boruto character reveals that he is ready to die.

Sarada is distraught that Boruto doesn't do it anymore rely on his teammates and for not being able to do more. At this point, Mitsuki senses that Sarada likes Boruto. the kunoichi, deny this feeling, but it could only be appearance. However, fans dream of a love affair between an Uchiha and an Uzumaki.

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