Pokémon: Policewoman Jenny is brought to life with Olivia Betty Rain’s Cosplay

There are some characters that have become historical in the world of anime. Pokémon He presented some of them with his long-standing TV series, which was divided into different series depending on the region. The eternal 10-year-old boy Ash Ketchum is one of them who is currently struggling with a trip around Go around the world in Pokémon: Explorations.

But another historical figure has been omnipresent ever since first Pokémon TV series is the cop Jenny. In reality, it would be better to say that the policewomen speak plural, since this woman, like Joy's nurses, is also a member of a very large family and has many twins who manage to keep the Pokemon world at peace.

Despite some minor changes in appearance during the Pokémon anime, police officer Jenny’s character has basically remained the same. And Olivia Betty Rain, a cosplayer and model, has decided to take on the role. Then you will see one below Cosplay of cop Jenny directly from the world of the Pokémon. Blue dress, consisting of a hat, a blouse and a skirt. Perhaps the only thing missing is the bike, which we occasionally saw on the screen. And maybe even a brook who woos her.

But the boy himself was impressed by the truth about Professor Ivy, according to an author of the series.

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