Also voiced on Netflix, the anime historian Neon Genesis Evangelion is back in the spotlight in Italy. However, this fame has never disappeared in Japan, and despite the conflicting opinions on Hideaki Anno’s anime, it remains a cornerstone of the Japanese world.

The demonstration is also the arrival of a certain tweet about Neon Genesis Evangelion that has made Japan smile in the past few days. As you know, the protagonist is during the driving phases of the EVA-01 Shinji Ikari She is wearing a tight blue and white suit. It is also known that the boy is thin and weak both physically and in character.

The impression is completely distorted by the tweet underneath presents the suit from Shinji Ikari, but with a model that is too physically pumped and that absolutely doesn’t reflect the protagonists of the Neon Genesis Evangelion. One of the first comments was “This Shinji looks really strong,” and in fact it seems to be so far from the 14 year old boy and the androgynous traits that we saw in the Gainax anime.

The Tweets went viral with over 17,000 shares, but the suit and the picture seem to have been made by fans, even though a Chinese ebay store added it to the catalog. The Neon Genesis Evangelion streetwear line has now reached official levels.

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