L'Arc from Granolah, the survivor of Dragon Ball Super It started with the introduction of Cereal's Avengers as the main antagonist of this saga. However, Goku and Vegeta's true enemy was later revealed to be Gas, the Heeters' younger brother. Let's clarify his transformations.

Dragon Ball Super is about to return with a new saga, but the Special that VJump is dedicated to Dragon Ball Super The November 2022 issue will clear some doubts about the saga that ended in chapter 87.

Just like Granolah did before him Gas has become the strongest fighter in the universe through a wish made by his brother Elec to Planet Cereal's Dragon Balls.

Throughout the saga Gas transforms four times. Before him, only Frieza had transformed so many times in a single fight. What are the official names of gas transformations?

The first transformation of gas is called Improved/supported by Dragon Balls State. This is the wish-fulfilled form of the dragon Toronbo. Its second form is called Liberated state of instincts, and it's the version where he completely loses control of himself. The third form is thisawakened state, in which he controls his powers. The fourth and last is called Old condition/age condition, in which gas ages until it completely perishes. We leave you more information about Goku's Ultra Instinct in Dragon Ball Super.

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