At the beginning of time Azeroth there was nothing. Then came the old gods and their corruption, followed by the destruction of their empire by the titans. After this process, other life forms that we know in World of Warcraft spread, including the elven empire under Queen Azshara.

Beautiful and powerful, Azshara She had access to one of the most powerful sources of energy in the world of Warcraft, but in the end everything collapsed, forcing her to live in the depths of the sea for centuries and to contact N'Zoth, an event from which the birth of the Naga emerged. Azshara recently returned to the Battle for Azeroth expansion with a very strong role.

But a cosplayer decided to remember her in her elven form by dedicating a cosplay to her. Daniela Loveiras took on the role of the Queen of the Eternal Palace and remembered her when she was at the height of her beauty. In the post below from the Instagram page there are two photos that show us this Azshara cosplay. Hair and white clothes stand out between lilac and lilac, which arise from their enormous strength. In fact, the cosplayer not only disguised himself as Azshara, but also added various graphic effects that make him more frightening and destructive. What do you think about this World of Warcraft cosplay?

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