Waiting for a final verbal confrontation between all members of the Todoroki family, the biggest subplot of My hero academy find an end. Ultimately, Shoto prevailed, succeeding where Endeavor failed and rebelling against his father's written fate.

The first major clash of final war between heroes and villains. After being divided by the other criminals, Dabi was defeated by his own younger brother. The confrontation between the two brothers inflicted not only stratospheric blows on the readers, but also a lot of emotions.

Throughout this narrative mini-arc, fans have experienced that sad past of Toya Todoroki, consumed by hatred for his father and the machinations of All For One. To conquer this vengeful hatred, Shoto held onto the friendships that were being formed within the Yuei and rewrote the fate that had been inflicted on him.

Throughout its life, Endeavor has tried to circumvent the problem of the heat generated by its flames, unbearable for the human body, through the ice. That arranged marriage to Rei should solve this problem and Shoto was born specifically for this. However, Shoto's new technique, which appeared in My Hero Academia 352, combines his cold side and his fiery side in a way no one could have predicted.

Driven by the credo of the Plus Ultra, Shoto made it heat and cold coexist in his heart, creating stability in the body. This led to a cold fire and a final move meant to end the Todoroki problem.

Kohei Horikoshi's work may also be the subject of criticism from fandom, but this Shoto story circle it closed in a surprising way.

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