DC Comics: Superboy Prime turned the tide of Metal verse in Death Metal # 4

The Dark Nights: Death Metal series of events disrupts the entire multiverse Dc comics They are many superheroes who also give room to characters considered secondary, as happened to the young Superboy Prime in the final volume of the series, written by Scott Snyder and drawn by Greg Capullo.

As a new association of heroes tries to fend off the forces that have emerged from the terrible alliance between Batman Laughing and Perpetua, at the beginning of the tape we are taken to an alternate earth where the events of the neverending crisis appear to have generated a dystopian future. Here the darkest knight helped Batman Laughing's new identity, Superboy Prime, defeat his opponents.

The super villain has captured and locked Wonder Woman in her cosmic prison the aim to give all possible energy to the darkest knight. Despite her incarceration, Wonder Woman tries to capitalize on the good side of Superboy and explain how wrong what she's doing is and the dire consequences her actions could have on the entire Multiverse.

Diana manages to free herself after several attempts and attacks Superboy directlyConvincing him to destroy the cosmic prison, he eventually freed Superman and Batman from another dimension and made them return to the Metalverse in the splendid table that you can find at the bottom of the page.

The inner conflict that hits Superboy hard Throughout the tape he once again shows the complexity of this character, which was also underlined by Snyder, who explained this change in order to overcome his static charge in the role of the villain with a past as a hero and to give the forces of a great advantage Now they can rely on the help of other great superheroes to counter Perpetua and the Batman who laughs.

Recall that DC Comics announced the new Future State franchise, and we're leaving you to surprise death in the first annual Batman / Superman band.

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