Spy x Family is a goose that lays golden eggs for both Shueisha, who publishes Tatsuya Endo's manga in digital magazines Shonen Jump+ and MangaPlus, and Crunchyroll, who is currently simulcasting the second cour of the series to surprising ratings. Surprising revelations have recently surfaced about the anime.

The popularity of the Forger family is growing week by week. The second part of the Spy x Family anime is indeed the most watched by the Japanese public. Credit must be given to the imagination of the master Endo and the characterization of his characters, but also to the great realization that was worked out in it Collaboration between WIT Studio and CloverWorks.

However, the production of the adaptation was hiding a strange secret that was only revealed during the recent anime NYC. As reported by WIT Studio President and Spy x Family anime Chief Executive Producer George Wada, custody of the anime series has long been contested by numerous major animation studios. Alongside WIT Studio and CloverWorks, the two who eventually triumphed by grabbing the production, Spy x Family has been contested by 18 other animation studios.

Wada then revealed some additional details and presented an odd theory about why Spy x Family's Anya is so loved by the public. According to the President, the reason is that the little girl looks a lot like Baby Yoda. finally said that Most of the action sequences were created by WIT Studiosince its staff has more experience in this regard thanks to the previous production of Attack on Titan.

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