Due to the popularity of chainsaw man, a lot of fan art has appeared online since its debut. For example, it is a delicate 3D makeover of Pochita.

The latter is the little devil that embodies it Afraid of chainsaws and long before he sacrificed himself for Denji, he looked tender but also slightly menacing when first met. Then, as Chainsaw Man progresses, they will make friends and become much more than a master and a pet, but real family.

The rounded orange monster has a chainsaw-like appendage protruding from the center of its head. Handles then protrude from its body, allowing it to be manipulated like a chainsaw, and its short tail is also shaped like the starter rope. But some have wondered what Pochita would look like if she were a girl. Then new fan art is born, visible through the tweet at the bottom of this message showing the results. In the meme, Pochita is one harmless looking girl: The hair takes on the color of the dog's fur and the iconic expression of the mouth in the shape of a horizontal three is also restored, complete with sharp teeth.

How does it feel to see images from the anime Chainsaw Man? Few in human form? Do they help illustrate Denji and Pochita as a family? The chainsaw boy is as cute with those he loves, as aggressive with enemies, as in the scene of extreme violence against the devil Eternity.

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