Goku won another battle. After defeating Molo, the galaxy returns to a time of peace that was short-lived. Chapter 67 of Dragon Ball Super brought back Neo Namek and the other worlds deleted by Molo, but it was also the number in which the mysterious Granollato start a new arc.

Many theories about Granolla and her role in the manga have surfaced, but she's in Dragon Ball Super 68 that we learn more about the story of this new character created by Toriyama and Toyotaro. The release is scheduled for January 20th on MangaPlus, but V-Jump magazine had already provided a short but interesting preview.

Well known Japanese blogger Ryokutya who shared this He had his first impressions on Dragon Ball Super 68and reveals a few more small details, even if you sip the information received. "The angel is XX. I wonder if there is such an attitude ... The new team members are too strong. There will be new skills. I still can't figure out who the real enemy will be ..."

These are the words of Ryokutya that confirm the presence of the four new characters of Dragon Ball Super that appeared in the last trailer, but also the arrival of new skills and a saga that already presents itself as a special one.

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