Studio MAPPA inherited the WIT franchise, not only taking on a groundbreaking or hellish production, as the director himself would say, but also the expectations of a discerning audience that does not forgive the staff for mistakes. So for this week too The attack of the giants 4 remains at the center of controversy.

Last week, Episode 5 of The Attack of the Giants 4 fell victim to an obscene phenomenon that saw dozens, if not hundreds, of fans turning against the episode's director. Teruyuki Ominebecause at the time of Revelation they had not entered a particular east. However, the same director was hit again by the allegations for the new episode, this time for a different reason: or the abuse of computer graphics in one of the most anticipated episodes of the season.

The "enthusiasts", however, have not come to terms with a very simple question: Omine didn't stage episode 6Because of this, he had to post a post on his official Twitter profile to reassure the community that he did not participate in the episode mentioned above. As we expected months ago, Studio MAPPA is partnering with Studio V-Sign, a company that deals with the computer graphics of the anime, a choice required for logistical reasons and to meet the deadlines of an apparent work schedule that is truly groundbreaking for everyone Employee. Some fans have accused MAP of learning from Ufotable and Demon Slayerwithout taking into account, however, that the latter's animation studio has an internal area dedicated exclusively to CGI and therefore does not have to rely on external companies.

As for you, what do you think of the umpteenth controversy against the Giants 4 attack instead? Please let us know as usual with a comment below.

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