Gege Akutami has recovered from various physical ailments during the long hiatus from serializing Jujutsu Kaisen, and immediately proved that he can return to the Weekly Shonen Jump pages in style. In Chapter 153, available on Manga Plus, Yuji and Megumi came into contact with a unique and very dangerous environment.

By title "Match with Bet"The chapter in question begins with the two young students from Jujutsu High learning of the existence of a fight club organized by Hakari, a third year student who can only be seen at the beginning of the series, precisely in Chapter 11. Yuji and Megumi are interested in meeting Hakari themselves and make a plan to enter the location.

After a quick change of clothes, for do not appear as students of the Institute of Occult Arts, Yuji manages to enter the shady place after a brief discussion with the bouncers at the entrance, while Megumi tries to approach Hakari via side streets. Since the audience is unrelated to the curses or jujutsu techniques, each challenger must follow two rules, namely not to flee and not to use the fighting techniques mentioned above.

Yuji understands this immediately to get to the organizer has to conquer the audience and create a show worthy of the name. The protagonist surprisingly finds himself enthusiastic against Panda. After a quick exchange of information during the fight, Yuji knocks down the opponent with a well-placed punch, Win the game and get special attention from Hakari.

The former jujutsu high student, next to his partner Kirara Hoshi, asks one of his subordinates to Bring Itadori to the roof, perhaps for direct confrontation. The chapter ends with Kinji Hakari being visibly amused by the boy's collision and the infiltration of Megumi.

In conclusion, remember that Yuji and the others won't appear in the movie Jujutsu Kaisen 0, and we're leaving you to a drawing of Nobara made by the writer of Chainsaw Man.

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