The twist that made the first part of the final season of theAttack of the giants has kept the atmosphere of tension felt in the last episodes in suspense. Eren is about to make his move and start the bloody war between Marley and Paradis, but very soon he will face an extremely resilient opponent.

The rise of the Jaegerists prompted Eren to pursue the plan he had worked out with his older brother Zeke. Regarded today as an enemy of the state, Jaeger is surrounded by Marley's forces, and in the final sequences of the final midseason episode, Reiner Braun is ready to transform and take action.

The new trailer anticipates that the Episode 76, "Judgment", we will see a rematch between the attack giant and the tank giant that inevitably brings us back to that first brutal confrontation when neither Eren nor his colleagues from the Research Corps knew the truth about Annie, Bertholdt and Reiner. The other protagonists as well as the remaining shapeshifting giants will soon be included in the fight. What do you expect? You hoped another clash between Eren and Reiner? Please let us know in the comments section as usual.

In conclusion, we would like to remind you that the author dedicated a drawing to the Forma della Voce Eren and we let you discover the number of episodes of the last part of the attack of the giants according to the reports of a leak.

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