Enako is a very famous cosplayer in Japan, at the top of the charts. In the course of time she has not only occupied herself with her own work, but has also entered into collaborations that have led to Weekly Shonen Magazine with the cosplay of The Quintessential Quintuplets with the five twins. But apparently he had Final Fantasy VII issues.

Recently, Enako has been working to bring that down Tifa Lockhart Cosplay, straight from the universe of Final Fantasy VII. The girl of the video game world has a slim body but also a wealthy chest, even if she is sometimes more reserved in a keyart. In any case, Enako posted her photo without particularly highlighting the breasts.

During an interview with Enako_radio, the cosplayer mentioned and said this cosplay from Tifa she wasn't particularly satisfied. After dressing up at home because of the coronavirus, she decided to use oranges to fill her bra, thereby increasing her breasts. However, according to her and some fans who have commented below the photo, the breasts are not wealthy enough.

However, many others have come to support him Fans who confirmed the success of Tifa's cosplay what you can see in the tweet below. In the past few days, Enako has also been discussing the poison with some fans who insulted her for keeping her.

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