Demon Slayer: Infinity Train In Japan 37.5 billion yen (around 293 million euros) and in six other eastern countries and regions the equivalent of 4.3 billion yen (around 34 million euros) 327 million euros or, if you prefer, just under 400 million dollars.

The anime film is currently available in Japan, Vietnam, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, and South Korea A total of over 30 million visitors were registered. In Taiwan, the anime is one of the top 10 most watched films of all time, while in South Korea, despite the sabotage of the past few months, record numbers have been posted. Between November and December 2020 Analysts spoke of a total turnover of 500 million US dollarsHowever, given the latest updates, the estimate may be too low.

To give you some benchmarks, Demon Slayer is the sixth highest-rated film of 2020, a few million dollars away from Tenet and Bad Boys for Life, but they could count on worldwide distribution. Additionally, the Ufotable movie earned more than Sonic the Hedgehog, Birds of Prey, and more than double Wonder Woman in 1984, though it wasn't released until October 16, practically by the end of the year.

Demon Slayer: Infinity Train has yet to debut in the three biggest world markets of all time: North America, Europe and China. In Italy, thanks to Dynit, the film will be released during 2021, but the date is not yet known. The anime will get a second season later this year.

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