Weekly Shonen Jump completed Tite Kubo’s story with Bleach in 2016. In the last few chapters, the mangaka opted for a classic time jump and presented the protagonist Ichigo as an adult. As it happens in these cases, Ichigo became Kazui’s father, she had with Inoue Orihime. But there was always a mystery to little Kazui.

The oneshot from Bleach’s Hell saga certainly didn’t answer the many questions floating around about the boy. Indeed, it has managed to involve many others. We remember the end of Bleach, with the little boy who was a important effect on the remnants of Yhwach’s power. A single touch was enough to make everything disappear.

In today’s special chapter of Bleach, Kazui was instead seen in the company of a ghost. The latter is taken to a specific place near a temple where the The young Kazui opens a portal to an unknown place and maybe never seen it before. There, as Kazui explains, the spirit will be able to unite with other souls so that it is no longer alone.

Given the progress of the chapter, and especially its end, it seems clear that Kazui Kurosaki is closely related to Hell with a power no one has ever had. How will Kubo explain this connection between the other world and Ichigo’s young son in the next Bleach saga?

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