The approach of the culling game and the deadline by which Megumi’s sister can agree to participate have forced the young student and his partner Yuji to infiltrate Kinji Hakari’s clandestine fight club. In chapter 154 of Jujutsu Kaisen however, the two protagonists are encountered against a dangerous opponent.

In addition to official debut of Hakari himself Another character was also introduced and revealed in the final tables of the last appointment with Akutami’s work. It’s about Kirara Hoshi, a third year student at Jujutsu High, and romantically linked to the leader of the fight club. Though they come from an accidental Meeting on the roof of the building between Megumi, Panda and Kirara some very interesting details about their abilities have come out themselves.

Kirara would actually be able to repel objects and people with an invisible power. Panda actually says some resemblance between this power and Gojo’s limitless abilitythat, using its cursed energy, manages to manipulate the space that surrounds it, even at the atomic level. Megumi’s Divine Hound is also subject to Kirara’s ability during combat.

Also, the student appears to be able to collide two objects or people of their choice, as happens to Megumi and her summoning, so it would be roughly a force that is both attractive and repulsive. In conclusion, remember that Yuji Nobara and Megumi were portrayed in a great Jojo style fanart and we leave you to a perfect and detailed cosplay dedicated to Nobara.

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